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Categories -> Campdrafting -> Baradine ABCRA Draft Championships2006 (23-24Sept2006)

ACB 034m

ACB 038m

ACB 040m

ACB 042m

ACB 050m

ACB 054am

ACB 054m

ACB 055m

ACD 043m

ACD 044m

ACD 045m

ACD 046m

ACD 047m

ACD 049m

ACD 050m

ACD 052m

ACD 053m

ACD 054m

ACD 056m

ACD 057m

ACD 058m

ACD 059m

ACD 060m

ACD 062m

ACD 063m

ACD 066m

ACD 067m

ACD 067mm

ACD 068m

ACD 069m

ACD 072m

ACD 073m

ACD 074m

ACD 076m

ACD 079m

ACD 080m

ACD 081m

ACD 082m

ACD 085m

ACD 086m

ACD 087m

ACD 089m

ACD 090m

ACD 092m

ACD 094m

ACD 264m

ACD 265m

ACD 266m

ACD 267m

ACD 269m

ACD 270m

ACD 271m

ACD 273m

ACD 274m

ACD 275m

ACD 276m

ACD 277m


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